Kashmircrafts / KAS-Co images - Copyright


This image was taken from a series of now out of print slides, published by Kashmircrafts (also known as Kas-Co") of Nairobi. I have in my possession the series covering the Turkana, Pokot and Rendille.

I have requested permission to use the photos, but have not received any response, and have therefore taken the liberty of reproducing some of these images without explicit permission.
   As some of the images are cropped versions of identical images published by the Consolata Fathers, I presume that the copyright does not reside with Kashmircrafts, and that images come from publicly accessible missionary archives. In any case, I have tried to keep within the strictures of the Fair-Use Statute of the U.S. Copyright Act (1976), section 107, which is the law most frequently applied in international and electronic copyright matters.

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