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This image is under the copyright of the Consolata Fathers, PO Box 47540 Nairobi, Kenya ( All rights reserved. Requests for further use of these images should be addressed directly to the Consolata Fathers.

The image was taken from an outstanding series of tribe-by-tribe booklets publishing by the Consolata Fathers, of which the titles concerning the El Molo, Gabbra, Kipsigis, Luo, Maasai, Meru, Pokot, Rendille, Samburu and Turkana are in my possession. The booklets were probably published in the late 1970s or early 1980s, but are undated.
   The Consolata Fathers are one of the few missionary organisations to have respected the traditional cultures and values of indigenous Kenyan societies. Not only that, but they have endeavoured to preserve these cultures - a lesson in tolerance, love and understanding that any other missionary society would do well to learn. These booklets are both a testament to this effort, and one of the most valuable publicly-available archives of material concerning Kenya's traditional cultures. The Consolata fathers have earned the respect and gratitude of a seasoned atheist! Thank you.
   I have requested permission to reproduce the photos, but to date have received no reply. The photos are not credited individually, but there are lists of sources in the 'Acknowledgements section'. From these, I presume that the primary source of their visual material is the International Missionary Council (IMC) Archive.
   I have therefore taken the liberty of including these images without explicit permission, seeing as neither the IMC, the Consolata Fathers or this website are commercial or profit-making. I have tried to keep within the strictures of the Fair-Use Statute of the U.S. Copyright Act (1976), section 107, which is the law most frequently applied in international and electronic copyright matters.


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