Turkana - Music and Dance

My apologies - this page is still being compiled, so the following is a bit of a jumble. See also Melinda Atwood's "Jambo, Mama" on Turkana dancing (excerpt).

Music and dance

To include:
- Introduction
- My own notes about Turkana dance evening
- Flautist
- Rain songs
- Cattle songs (imitating cattle etc)

Turkana warriors dancing
Turkana warriors dancing
Turkana Atapan ceremony Turkana wedding dance
Atapan ceremony Wedding Dance

Include piece on cattle dancing:

The characteristics of a domestic animal are related in stories, and it is praised and danced to as part of Turkana daily life.
   Horn shapes are praised and imitated in song and dance. Animals are socialised through manipulation of horns, ears, testicles and hair colour, and ear 'clipping' according to brand.

Turkana entertainment dance Turkana entertainment dance Turkana entertainment dance Turkana entertainment dance
Entertainment dance

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