Turkana - Feature articles

Feature articles:
Where do I belong?, by Paul Lechornai. The loss of identity as seen through the eyes of a Christian schoolteacher born to a Turkana father and Samburu mother.
How Naked Men Dress, anonymous. A short, contentious, but thought-provoking essay on natural and sexual selection of Turkana men. Contains explicit sexual language.
A Journey to Lake Turkana, by Jens Finke. A personal description of a painful but ultimately magical overnight walk across the desert on the western shore of Lake Turkana, and days that led up to it.
Frozen Fish (Lake Turkana), by Justina Hart. A different perspective on the trip above.
Jambo, Mama An extract from Melinda Atwood's book; this passage describes a Turkana dance.
The 'Dancing Stones' of Namoratunga, by Jens Finke. Photos and text about the Namoratunga standing stones site near Kalokol on the west side of the lake, which some believe to have connected with ancient astronomy.

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