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Feature articles:
In Remembrance of Pepo and the Ancestors. As I've said elsewhere, music reflects a society and its traditions. If those traditions cease to exist, so the music that was associated with it will disappear. The following piece is not just about the disappearance of an entire musical tradition, but also about what I learned of the Taita's traditional beliefs through enquiring about and - eventually - finding their music. It is a piece about remembrance, and the link between the past (ancestors), the present, and the future.
The Ngoma Healing Ritual of the Taita People. Ah, the joys of the internet. Soon after posting the article above, I received emails from two young researchers interested in pepo. This thesis, by Brandon Judge, is an extraordinary tour de force and a riveting read in its own right - in fact, very much a stimulus for me to return to Taita whenever I next get the chance!
Use of Drumming as Cure for Children with Posttraumatic Stress Disorder. This is the result of the second flurry of correspondence, this one with David Otieno Akombo. Whilst not directly concerned with Taita music, there are plenty of references to it and to pepo. Great stuff.
The Mysterious 'Cup-Marks' of Chomoto Hill & Rukinga. A quick run-down of the small but perfectly formed man-made holes in hilltop rocks around Taita-Taveta (and all over the world, for that matter), which archaeologists know as 'cup-marks' but are otherwise pretty much stuck in holes themselves regarding the purpose of the holes. Skim through the theories, examine the photos, then send me your own theory!

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