Maasai - Feature articles

Feature articles:
Lake Magadi, by Jens Finke. Text and gorgeous abstract photographs from the pink soda lake, Kenya's hottest location. Opens in a new page.
Hot Chocolate (Lake Magadi), by Justina Hart. My good friend's take on our first visit to Lake Magadi.
The sleeping warrior of Lake Elmenteita, by Jens Finke. Short piece about remembrance and bitterness.
Agnes Maasai, by Jens Finke. The courage to speak out against wife beating.
A Midwestern Guy goes to Africa (excerpt), by Jim Damico. Account of the 1987 Eunoto ceremony, where the old clashed with the new.
Articles about circumcision
(these contain sexually explicit descriptions and images)
A Dangerous Rite of Passage, by Stephanie Welsh. Article from the Nation newspaper (7 May 1995), about female circumcision (female genital mutilation) among the Maasai.
My Life as a Maasai Warrior (excerpt), by Tepilit Ole Saitoti. An extract from this excellent book regarding the author's own circumcision.
Tent With A View (excerpt), by Robert Vavra. Eyewitness account of the circumcision of a Maasai youth named Kardasha.


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