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Feature articles:
The Death of Dedan Kimathi, by Peter Swan. A Kenya Police officer's first-hand account of the last days of Mau Mau 'General' Dedan Kimathi in 1956, before his execution by the British.
The Drummers of Africa & the White Man's Gumboots, by "the voice of Mungu through Terence". Spiritually uplifting or just plain weird, this is an unusual twist on the Kikuyu relationship with God.
The Politics of the Mûngîkî, by Grace N. Wamue. The Mûngîkî are a Kikuyu politico-religious sect that came to prominence in the late-1990s as the target of little less than a witch hunt by the Moi government. The Mûngîkî have many similarities to the Mau Mau that fought for independence from the British.
A Kikuyu Funeral, by Melinda Atwood. An extract from "Jambo, Mama". The excerpt follows an intensely moving passage about the death of a friend.
One Perfect Morning with Jackals, by Mike Resnick. Extract from acclaimed science-fiction writer Mike Resnick's online book Kirinyaga, and an unusual take on the current - and future - lot of the Kikuyu. Take away the space port, and the vision isn't as far-fetched as it might seem.
When the Old Gods Die, by Mike Resnick. More from science-fiction writer Mike Resnick's Kirinyaga, this time a highly perceptive tale about the loss of the old Kikuyu religion and the God Ngai, and the consequent uncertainty of the future.
The Kenya African Union is not Mau Mau. Speech delivered by Jomo Kenyatta at the Kenya African Union (KAU) meeting at Nyeri, July 26, 1952, three months before his arrest.
A White Man's Initiation into the Kiama, recounts Richard St. Barbe Baker's initiation into the Kikuyu Council of Elders in the 1920s, in his own words.


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