Traditional Embu house

An old-style Embu house

An old-style Embu house made of entirely of reeds. The structure is maintained by a central post propping up bent poles along the sides. This type of house has now been almost completely replaced by rectangular structures with hard mud walls and corrugated metal roofs.

Credit: photo copyright © Cynthia Salvadori (PO Box 45273 Nairobi, Kenya), and reproduced by kind permission. Originally published in the excellent "Peoples and Cultures of Kenya" by Andrew Fedders and Cynthia Salvadori (Transafrica, 1979; reprinted by Prestige Book-Sellers & Stationers, fax 00254 2 246 796). Cynthia's other books include Through Open Doors: A View of Asian Cultures in Kenya (Kenway Publications); the boxed three-volume We Came in Dhows, Stories of the Indian Pioneers in Kenya (Paperchase, Nairobi 1997); and Two Indian Travellers, East Africa 1902-1905, published by Friends of Fort Jesus, Mombasa 1998. She is also the translator and editor of Paul Tablino's Gabra, camel nomads of Northern Kenya (Paulines Publications, Nairobi 1999).


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