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Traditional Music & Cultures of Kenya - funding

The Traditional Music and Cultures of Kenya website is a non-profit, non-commercial project, and has thus far been created at my own expense (around $7000 including living costs) and in my own time (16 months of full-time work). Although the site is already encyclopaedic (12 tribes in over 500 pages, 235 images and seven hours of music), this is but a fraction of the total planned, being 42 tribes in 2000 pages, 1500 images, 35 hours of music and 2 hours of video clips.

Not being overly blessed in the financial department, I am now seeking $10,000 in external finance to pay for the 16 months of full-time work required to bring the site to completion. For more information, see the detailed, formal project proposal. Please note that this site does not, and will never, carry any form of commercial advertising. I would, however, be happy including a small logo and "supported by" credit on every page, whether the supporting organization is commercial or non-profit.

Lastly, a shameless plug... Seeing as my efforts to secure institutional funding have thus far come to nothing, I'm hoping to raise some finance by selling photographs. To this end, I'll be spending the next three months concentrating on, bluegecko's sister website, which should be relaunched to much fanfare some time in February or early March 2004 with a brand new design and several hundred high quality photos, many of them abstract, all of them colorful, and each one beautiful enough to grace any wall. All are taken from my travels over the last fifteen years: Sahara, Morocco, Mauritania and Tunisia, Kenya, Tanzania, Brazil and Portugal. With luck, just three sales a month at $100 each will be enough to finance full-time work on Kenya for as long as is necessary... So, if anyone's feeling flush, or in need of some colorful warmth this winter, do, please, have a look - there are already some fifty photos online. What was the address again?

Many thanks,

Jens Finke
December 2003


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