This book is dedicated to all my family, without whom I would never have known this song or its beauty, who let me dream and showed me life without frontiers, and who listened and may not have agreed with but supported nonetheless their wayward son in his wanderings: I could not have wished for anything more. Specifically, this book is dedicated to Alexandra, my sister, whom I respect without bounds and whom I love dearly; to Carine and Ulrich, our exceptional parents; to Jacqueline and Pierre, for love and laughter, and honesty, in adversity; and in happy memory of our extraordinary grandmother, Omi, and Jean Paul, who taught us the beauty and humility of colour. To all of you, my family, this book is dedicated.

With heartfelt thanks, also, for painstaking proof-reading (boring but essential, I know), to Rebecca Dresden and Justina Hart. A very great thank-you to you both.


Chasing the Lizard’s Tail - across the Sahara by bicycle
Copyright Jens Finke, 1996-2003

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