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Turkana sound clips

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There are more clips in each of the tribal sections, and a selection of tracks from over twenty tribes here.

Turkana - Entertainment dance (1)
Excerpts from a nighttime entertainment dance held near Loiyangalani, on the southeast shore of Lake Turkana. The songs were all light-hearted and cheerful, involving people of all ages - well, with the exception of very small children, who were repeatedly shooed away by one old lady, and so they cavorted around on the fringes of the dance-ground instead.
  Some dances followed a set choreography, with concentric circles of dancers moving either clockwise or anticlockwise, then breaking up into more individual dances. Whilst most of the music was vocal, small horns (whistles) were also blown, and some dancers wore small clusters of bells strapped to their legs. The dance was partly held for the benefit of a group of tourists, but began long before they arrived. Despite the presence of the wazungu (white people), there was nothing fake or staged about the event - people of all ages sang and danced over several hours, enjoying themselves as much as they ignored the camera flashes of the intruders (and the headlights of the truck that had brought them there).
  Please excuse the annoying roaring sound which intermittently affects these recordings; there was the gale blowing down off Mount Kulal, and the built-in microphone on the hand-held tape recorder was all that I had...

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Turkana - Entertainment dance (2)
As above.
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Turkana - Entertainment dance (3)
As above.
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Turkana - Entertainment dance (4)
As above.
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Turkana - Women singing
No information about this one, I'm afraid, other than it's rather loud and the recording quality isn't up to much...
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Turkana Entertainment dance recorded by Jens Finke near Loiyangalani, Lake Turkana, on 16 December 1998.
Turkana women dubbed in Loiyangalani, Lake Turkana, December 1998.


Traditional Music & Cultures of Kenya
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