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Rendille sound clips

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There are more clips in each of the tribal sections, and a selection of tracks from over twenty tribes here.

Guitar music
This is one of only a handful of tracks I have of Rendille music, all coming from one tape. The recordings were copied from a tape in Loiyangalani, a small oasis town on the southeastern shore of Lake Turkana. What makes Loiyangalani special is its multi-ethnic mix, sitting as it does on the borderline between Rendille, Borana, Samburu and Turkana territory. The tape I copied features music from three of these tribes: Turkana, Rendille and Borana. While listening to the tape with a group of young men, who gave comments (and sang along for the most part), the following two tracks were among those identified as Rendille. Both tracks display remarkable similarity to the guitar music of other related "Southern Cushitic" tribes, namely the Borana and Orma, as well as of the neighbouring Samburu.
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Guitar music
As above. Possibly a love song.
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Both tracks are part of a tape dubbed by Jens Finke in Loiyangalani in December 1998, using two tape recorders facing each other in a (not always) quiet room! The original recordings could have been made many years earlier.


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