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Makonde sound clips

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There are more clips in each of the tribal sections, and a selection of tracks from over twenty tribes here.

Mwandeisha: Harvest Dance
Sung in Kimakonde, Mwandeisha is a harvest dance from Mwatate traditionally performed after a good harvest. Masked dancers perform on stilts (hence the kids yelling when they arrive!). There are three segments - drums, then girls singing (no drums), then drums again. More information in the section on Makonde music and dance.
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From a tape produced by Radio Tanzania Dar es Salaam in the 1960s or 1970s during Tanzania's experiment in Ujamaa, or "Villagization". No further information, I'm afraid.
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Dada Shuweya
In addition to drums and voice, this track also features what appears to be a mouth organ (harmonica), possibly a legacy of the long period of Portuguese rule in Mozambique, from where the Makonde originated and indeed the majority still reside.
5:12 low
Nani atashika Uongozi 1985
As above.
4:27 low
Sindimba Dance
Performed by a multi-ethnic troupe on the Kenyan coast, and so far from authentic, this nonetheless give a good idea of the increasingly frenetic Sindimba dancing rhythm. Instruments used are drums, of course, and metal sheets made from flattened oil drums, held on the ground by the player's foot, and which are struck with sticks.
9:15 low

Mwandeisha harvest dance is from a recording by Harrison Aggrey Mwachala of Wundanyi and Voi, to whom my thanks go for his patience in transcribing and annotating the songs (the others are from the Taita tribe). Recorded in June 1983 at the Taita-Taveta District Music Festival.
Ulanguzi, Dada Shuweya and Nani atashika Uongozi 1985 are from "Ngoma ya Wamakonde (Deda)", produced by Radio Tanzania Dar es Salaam (RTD). Performers are not stated.
Sindimba dance was performed by the African Rumba Stars, and recorded by Jens Finke, 2 December 1998.


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