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Kikuyu sound clips

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There are more clips in each of the tribal sections, and a selection of tracks from over twenty tribes here.

Mudhuo - praise song
Traditional Kikuyu music has been hard to come by. I collected several cassettes of what I'd call neo-traditional music, combining old rhythms with newer melodies and instruments like electric guitar and accordion (squeeze box), but really traditional music cropped up only one two compilations. Their age is given away by this song, in which children sing the praises of Jomo Kenyatta, Independent Kenya's first President (1963-1978).
2:05 low
Ngucu - praise song
Another praise song, this one sung by men and women in praise of a member of their own age group.
2:29 low
Ndangienyenyeka - women's song
4:01 low
Mundu wa Njugu - women's song
Women singing in a call-and-refrain pattern, accompanied only by the wind.
2:07 low
Utheeci - women's song
Another soothing women's song, this time unaccompanied by a constant pounding beat, possibly a large drum, and rattles.
5:16 low
Mucung'wa dance
Pronounced Mchunguwa, Mucung'wa is a popular dance performed at all kinds of ceremonies.
2:34 low
Circumcision song
Possibly called Kegambagamba, this is a modern choral rendition of a traditional Kikuyu circumcision song performed by the multi-ethnic Bomas of Kenya of Nairobi.
3:11 low

Mudhuo, Ngucu and Mucung'wa are taken from the cassette, "Traditional Music of East Africa Vol.I" (C/Trad Vol 1; no other details).
Mundu wa Njugu, Ndangienyenyeka and Utheeci are taken from the cassette, "Traditional Music of East Africa Vol.II" (C/Trad Vol 2; no other details).
Circumcision song is performed by the Bomas of Kenya; taken from the cassette, "Bomas of Kenya: Songs of our African Heritage" (ZAIT 511).


Traditional Music & Cultures of Kenya
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