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Kamba sound clips

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There are more clips in each of the tribal sections, and a selection of tracks from over twenty tribes here.

Kamba drumming (1)
Various full tracks and excerpts featuring Kamba drummers. Unfortunately, I can give neither titles nor proper contextual descriptions for them, as the liner notes that came with the cassette contains descriptions and titles for six dances only, whereas the tape actually contains over forty!
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Kamba drumming (2)
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Kamba drumming (3)
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Kamba drumming (4)
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Kamba drumming (5)
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Kamba drumming (6)
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Kamba drumming (7)
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Myali - Mundumuwe Wa Matuu
An example of Myali, performed by Francis Mutiso. See also the section on Kamba music and dance for a description of the Miali musical genre, and the page that gives an example of Myali song lyrics.
4:18 low
Myali - Kuvoyea Mbua
As above.
5:01 low
As above.
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Kamba drumming (seven tracks are from "Akamba Drums" (Tamasha Corp, PO Box 43695 Nairobi). It seems probable, from the confusion in the liner notes, that the recordings were lifted from another source.
Myali (three tracks) are performed by Francis Mutiso, and taken from "Francis Mutiso: Miali Ya Akamba - Mundu muwe wa matuu" (CSKSS-130, Kamaru's City Sounds, Nairobi).


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