Shetani painting by Kamba artist, Peter S. Jjingo

Shetani painting, Peter S. Jjingo

Shetani ("spirit") painting by Kamba artist, Peter S. Jjingo. The style is very much in that of the Makonde tribe's "Shetani" carving style, for which see for more information. There are also close parallels with Tanzania's Tingatinga school of painting (I'll add a page on this soon). Unfortunately, I have no more information about the artist; if anyone can help me out, it would be much appreciated!

Credit: painting scanned from the front cover of Mwikali Kieti and Peter Coughlin's excellent book, "Barking, You'll be Eaten! The Wisdom of Kamba Oral Literature" (1990: Phoenix Publishers, PO Box 18650 Nairobi).


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